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Colloque de theatre en Australie BOURASSA ANDRE G

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4th Australasian Theatre
Training Conference
Hosted by the Academy of the Arts, Queensland University of Technology.

The Australasian Theatre Training Conference brings together
representatives of training institutions, arts employers, theatre arts
professionals and policy makers. The aim of the conference is to consider
current Australian training practices, industry needs, and future
directions. The conference features discussion in the areas of acting and
directing, technical production and stage management, design, writing, and
arts management.


For the 1995 conference a theme of Softening the Boundaries has been
chosen, following consultation amongst training and employing
organisations. This theme highlights opportunities for collaboration in
theatre across many dividing lines preciously seen as hard to cross, and
the need for training institutions to contribute to the process. The
conference will explore the problems, the possibilities and the success
stories in removing the sense of separation often felt by sectors of the

To identify a few; the separation, between industry and training providers,
amongst training institutions themselves, between the studentsU training
years and professional life, between live theatre, film and the electronic
media, the application of new technologies into the arts, between the
traditions of Australian theatre and its future potential and many, many

The structure of the Conference will allow participants to focus on the
strand of their main interest (acting and directing, technical production
and stage management, design, writing, or arts management) as well as a
connected series of sessions emerging from the conference theme.


Innovative presentations, papers or proposals on the conference theme are

For  further information contact the organising committee.

EMAIL attc@qut.edu.au

Conference information is available from gopher.qut.edu.au
Faculty and departmental gopher areas and subject indexes/QUT Faculty of
Arts/Academy of the Arts

Australasian Theatre Training Conference
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