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Projet d'un Shakespeare interdisciplinaire BOURASSA ANDRE G

Demandes de suggestions pour un Shakespeare interdisciplinaire dans une
universite ou les etudes asiatiques sont particulierement en faveur:

From:           Shirley Kagan <dubroff@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>
Date:           Saturday, 10 Dec 1994 17:26:06 -1000
Subject:        As You Like It Fusion

I may have an opportunity to direct a Western/Asian fusion *As You Like It*
this summer.  The production will be done as a summer training program for
talented high schoolers in Hawaii.  I am considering a fusion incorporating
techniques of Beijing Opera. I thought this would work particularly well with
the crossed gender issues.  It would be really useful to me to receive the
insights and ideas of members of this list.

Ready and Waiting, Shirley Kagan University of Hawaii.

You may contact me directly at dubroff@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu
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