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Call for papers: Society for Utopian Studies (Source : C18-L) (fwd) BOURASSA ANDRE G

Une annonce qui peut interesser des gens de theatre. Pour la possibilite
d'une communication en Francais, il faut s'informer au responsable.

> From:         Lyman Tower Sargent <SLTSARG@UMSLVMA.UMSL.EDU>
>                          CALL FOR PAPERS
> The Society for Utopian Studies asks for proposals for its Twentieth Annual
> meeting in Toronto, October 19-22, 1995. The Society for Utopian Studies is
> an international, interdisciplinary association devoted to the study of
> utopianism in all its forms, with a particular emphasis on literary and
> experimental utopias, but including art history, city planning, music, and
> all other areas that study utopianism. Faculty and graduate students in the
> history of ideas are invited to send one-page proposals by May 15 to
> Merritt Abrash, Box 237, RD 1, Stephentown, NY 12168 or fax their proposals
> to June Deery at 518-276-4092.