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Re: Theatre et realite virtuelle IMBAULT LAURENT

The subject is certainly of interest would it be only because I poses the
recurring question of technology and theatre.  I am especially interested
in  the possibility of virtual sound as well as holographic images on stage
and would like to
be kept posted as well as informed on what the possibilities are as well
as maybe get the cehange to see your show, though UKANS EDU may be, as far
as I know, thousands of miles from here (Montreal

Laurent Imbault<m103015@er.uqam.ca>
.On Sun, 22 Jan 1995,

> Repondre directement a l'auteur de la question,
> RWILLIS@KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU qui ne fait pas partie du reseau QUEATRE.
> >
> >      In recent months, on this list and others, individuals have
> > posted about virtual reality and theatre--fears, applications,
> > perceptions, requests for information.  To extend this thread
> > somewhat and help focus my thinking at a time when it sorely
> > needs focussing, I want to share some plans involving an upcoming
> > production.
> >      In April, theatre designer-technologist Mark Reaney and I
> > will be staging a production of THE ADDING MACHINE.  It promises
> > some provocative aspects.  It will integrate an established
> > "classic" American script, live actors, and computer-generated
> > three-dimensional scenery in a single theatre event.  (The
> > "virtual reality" aspects of the production obviously draw the
> > greatest attention, but there are interesting implications that
> > tease one beyond the immediate considerations of technology.)
> > Nevertheless, let me begin there.
> >      Reaney will create "virtual worlds" corresponding to
> > settings on a computer.  Stereoscopic images of those worlds, as
> > appropriate, will be projected on a screen behind the live
> > actors.  Audiences, wearing polarized glasses, will confront
> > those 3-D computer-generated images--manipulated in real time--
> > along with live actors and Elmer Rice's well-known play in an
> > otherwise conventional theatre event.  We think there are some
> > "firsts" here, but they are less important than the issues we are
> > interested in exploring.  Among those issues are: the power of
> > virutal reality environments (and occasional characters) in a
> > live theatre context, the interpretive possibilities of computer-
> > generated scenery, the impact of "cyberized" thinking on the
> > temporal and spacial dimensions of "legitimate theatre," -- the
> > list goes on.
> >      Having the chance to talk about this via the net with people
> > who can probe the issues, test our assumptions, challenge my
> > thinking, and trip out on the implications of the whole event
> > seems like a luxury I can't afford to pass by.  I'd like to
> > participate in a thread that explores these and related issues.
> > I also promise periodic progress reports if they seem desirable.
> >      Is this a topic of interest?
> >