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Appel de communications, etudes medievales (fwd) BOURASSA ANDRE G

Colloque d'etudes medievales:
>                         TENTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE
>                                 ON MEDIEVALISM
>                             September 27-30, 1995
>                             Higgins  Armory  Museum
>                             Worcester, MA 01606-2444
> The focus of this conference will be SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS OF MEDIEVALISM,
> although papers are welcome on all aspects of medievalism, encompassing the
> reception of the Middle Ages and medieval themes and images in all media
> from the end of the Middle Ages to the present.  Papers are sought in art,
> architecture, history, music, popular culture, and religion.
> Proposals and inquiries should be sent no later than June 15, 1995,to
> Dr. James Callant, 10 Lyndale Rd., Worcester MA 01606; Tel. 508-853-3609
> or FAX Linda Honan at 508-852-7697.