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Theatre medieval (fwd) BOURASSA ANDRE G

Pour ceux qui s'interessent aux manuscrits medievaux de theatre, une
source importante et un intervenant a contacter:

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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 18:44:00 EST
From: Alan E. Knight <AEK@PSUVM.PSU.EDU>
Subject: Re: Regula Benedicti

In addition to the 64 biblical plays, the manuscript (Wolfenbuettel,
Cod. Guelf 9 Blankenburgensis) contains 4 plays drawn from Roman
history (e.g., Mucius Scaevola, Regulus Actilius) and 4 plays based
on Christian legend.  The latter include a life of Saint Euphrosyne
and a miracle play of the pregnant abbess, which isdifferent from
the one in the Cange' manuscript.  If you wish more details, feel
free to contact me privately.

Alan E. Knight
Pennsylvania State University