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Giving Voice 1995 (fwd) BOURASSA ANDRE G

Un symposium sur la voix:

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Date: Wed, 08 Mar 1995 17:05:20 GMT
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The Centre for Performance Research (CPR) Cardiff, Wales, UK in collaboration
with the Welsh College of Music & Drama (WCMD) presents:

An international project focusing on the voice in performance

1995:  GIVING VOICE 3 - A Geography of the Voice



The human voice is a vital means of expression and communication; as
diverse and as subtle as all the peoples of the earth, and each
individual upon it. Yet within this richness and variety, the voice has
the ability to communicate beyond language and cultural difference.  In a
time when awareness of diversity may seem to produce only strife and
separation, it seems even more important to create moments to consider
those qualities within the sounds of the voice which can allow people,
from wherever they come, to enjoy both the riches of difference and the
recognition of common humanity.

GIVING VOICE 3 is an exciting and accessible mix of workshops, demonstrations
and performances culminating in one of CPR's renowned symposia.  It is a unique
opportunity to experience, discuss and explore the possibilities of the human
voice; its qualities of persuasion, entertainment, healing, spiritual, artistic
and political communication; and delight.

GIVING VOICE 3: WORKSHOP PROGRAMME,   Saturday 1st - Thursday 6th April

There are over fifteen different workshop themes from which to choose -

from the ancient, haunting polyphonies of Georgia to true Gospel;
from the dynamic dub-poetry of Benjamin Zephania to the classical
language techniques of the RSC; from the `nature of accents' to the
`art of dissonance'; from the 'archetypal' voice to the adolescent voice;
from `Tuva' overtone and harmonic techniques to Indian `sargams';

- giving everybody with an interest in the voice the chance to practically
explore the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sources of vocal power
and expressivity; as well as cultural diversity, engendered by place and
politics, tradition and landscape.

There is a fascinating and unique programme of workshops, each led by teachers
of international reputation.  With a wide range of weekend, weekday and evening
workshops offering practical training opportunities to interested members of
the public as well as to more experienced singers and performers, there is
something for everyone.....

- teachers (a special workshop for those teaching music to 5 -11 year

- performers (vocal work, classic text, accent, audition coaching and
experimental performance montage)

- dancers/physical performers (`Voice in the Moving Body and Voice and
Alexander Technique)

- people who just love singing (ancient harmony singing from Georgia,
Indian singing, Gospel singing, `Voicing your Journey' - memories of
everyday life through song, and an experimental `Feral' choir)

- a workshop for young people, 13-16 yrs, who want to gain experience
and confidence for performing, speaking and singing (`Finding a Voice'
- learning to tell it like it is, with your own individual voice) as
well as storytelling  and singing workshops for young children.

The GIVING VOICE Symposium,  Friday 7th - Sunday 9th April

Lectures/demonstrations  *  Practical Workshops    *  Panel Debates
Performances and Events  *  Discussion Groups  *   Networking & Future Planning

This will be a lively weekend gathering full of practical activity,
performances, discussions and presentations - a unique opportunity to
experience the latest in vocal practice, technique and research.

Guest contributors have been invited to reflect a wide range of philosophical
and practical approaches to the voice in performance and will include:
Cicely Berry, long-time Voice Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company;
Veronica Doubleday, ethnomusicologist;  Paul Farrington, singing teacher;
colleagues from the Birmingham Voice Clinic;  Vik Gammon, practitioner and
scholar of traditional song;  Siwsann George, Welsh traditional singer;
Ken Hunt,music critic;  Tran Quang Hai, ethnomusicologist, Musee de L'Homme,
world-renowned expert on overtone and harmonic techniques;  Adam Jaworski,
(author of the Power of Silence) and colleagues from the School of
Communication Studies, University of Wales;  Patrick de la Roque, therapist
from the UK Tomatis Centre.


The Giving Voice Project - CPR - Market Road
- Canton - Cardiff - CF5 1QE - UK
Tel: +44 1222 345 174    Fax: +44 1222 340 687
Email: post@cpr1.demon.co.uk

This is the first in a series of projects which will include: an Archaeology of
the Voice in 1996, and a Divinity of the Voice in 1997.