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Deces de Jean Fuzier (fwd) BOURASSA ANDRE G

Un message de notre collegue Luc Borot:

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From:           Luc Borot <lb@alor.univ-montp3.fr>

The Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur la Renaissance Anglaise are sad to
announce the death of their founder and friend Professor Jean Fuzier. Jean died
yesterday afternoon at his home in Arles. He had retired last Spring.

He was a remarkable scholar in the fields of Renaissance English rhetoric and
prosody, best known for his edition of Shakespeare's *Sonnets* and his
translation of Shakespeare's poetry into French verse. He had co-authored a
translation of a selection of Donne's verse in the 1950s, which was reissued by
Gallimard a few years ago.

Jean's studies of Shakespeare's plays, his contributions to the theoretical
study of the "play-within" phenomenon, were often very subtle, and as a teacher
he contributed in preparing for a scholarly career dozens of English scholars
in France, whether they were his direct pupils, or his partners in research.

As a founder, and later chairman of the Societe Francaise Shakespeare, Jean
Fuzier worked for the development and promotion of Elizabethan studies in
France, as a frequent visitor of the German Shakespeare Society, he often had
occasion to promote contacts between 'continental' Shakespeare scholars.

As co-founder of the Elizabethan Research Centre in Montpellier, and of
_Cahiers Elisabethains_, he contributed to the awakening of many vocations, and
to the publication of research that could have otherwise remained secret or

His generosity and good humour were immense. He was the special honoured guest
of last year's Shakespeare Birthday celebrations in Stratford, which he
attended for 25 years on the occasion of the yearly seminar of the Centre at
the Shakespeare Institute, then at the Shakespeare Centre. He was a regular
visitor of the International Shakespeare Conference and of the World
Shakespeare Congress.

As examiner for the competitive exam of the Ecole Normale Superieure, he
succeeded in spotting young scholars in their early twenties, and none of us
ever had to regret following his advice, even for those who did not choose the
same speciality.

Home address:
Madame Fuzier
Domaine de Margaillan
192, route de Margaillan
Pont de Crau

Sorry to have been a messenger of sad news for those who liked him.

For the CERRA,
Luc Borot