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Re: Add to the universe of scholarship Malcolm Fox

1.  It tends to waste my time.
I LOVE e-mail = great communication device.

2. Yes, very much: esapcially for young people.
SO we need more Drama and Sport in schools I suppose to balance

3.   Neither  - except I LOVE the e-mail part of my life.

4.   I think the developed world will embrace it into their homes and lives
rather like the phone and the TV and the video and the washing machine.
But it will mean that the developing world will be left behind as their
resources are challenged by exploding populations and more restrictions
placed on them by religion (eg Islam) and politics (eg PR China).  Those
countries (not Iran or PR China!) who wish to be included should be
subsidised by the developed world so that Africa and CIS and South America
and so on can join in and keep up.


Malcolm Fox
Drama & Drama-in-Education
Co-ordinator : Grad. Dip. Ed.
Sturt Buildings  /  Flinders University
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