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Native American Playwrights and Plays (fwd) Andre G. Bourassa

Pour celles et ceux qui s'interessent au theatre amerindien. Reponses
a queatre@uqam.ca, pour notre information, mais copie a M. Arant, le
demandeur, qui n'est pas sur notre liste.
Andre G. Bourassa

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Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995 10:21:40 -0400
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Subject: Native American Playwrights and Plays

I am a member of a team compiling a bibliography of Native American
playwrights and plays.  To date, we have information (some sketchy,
some more complete) on over 200 playwrights and plays.  I'm writing
to ask folks on this list for assistance.

What we're looking for are plays, performance information, reviews,
criticism, and other pertinent information to include.  If you can
add to what we know, we would be grateful (and please, even if you
think that we "surely" already know something, let us know anyway).
We hope to have a comprehensive bibliography ready in a year.

The need for this collection is clear.  Though there is much activity
among U.S. and Canadian native peoples in drama, there is no clearinghouse
of information for other playwrights, directors, producers, and students.
Much is the information is hidden in the nooks and crannies of places
we'd never think to look.

We've already benefitted from the support of Native Earth in
Toronto, the Native Playwrights Newsletter, and numerous
community theatres and resource centers across the continent.  If
you have information to share, we'd be most grateful.

Send information to:


or surface mail to:

T. J. Arant
Department of English
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC  28608

Thanks in advance,



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