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Re: Malade imaginaire BOURASSA ANDRE G

Premiere reponse, qui est en fait une question, a propos du _Malade
imaginaire_ et de la scene musicale qui le termine.

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Are you including information on the original production of 1674 at court
(the venue it was written for) or solely modern productions?  Modern
productions tend to have a different agenda than Moliere's original
intent, thus placing the play in a different context of performance.  The
original scores might also give you ideas about the connections between
the comedie-ballet and the developing French opera, which might lead to
some interesting conclusions about the challenges modern performances
present to directors, actors, and audiences.

Gretchen Smith
Southern Methodist University

On Thu, 6 Jun 1996, Edward Forman wrote:

> Following a conference contribution last year I am preparing for publication
> an article on performances of the musical scene at the heart of Moliere's Le
> Malade imaginaire, II, 5, and would welcome any information or stories from
> members of the list about how this scene has affected them in production.
>         - has it been treated as a serious musical episode?
>         - or downplayed as a joke, a parody of opera?
>         - and how have the director's decisions over this scene affected the
> comic and sentimental impact of the performance as a whole?
> I am familiar with Jacques Arnavon's published interpretation of the scene
> as a fully-fledged elaborate mini-opera; and with commercial recordings by
> the Comedie-francaise and by Hachette (encyclopedie sonore). Does anyone
> know of other published scores for the text or of recordings of the play?
> Anecdotal impressions of productions at any level would also be of interest.
>                                 Merci d'avance
>                                         Edward Forman
>                                         University of Bristol, UK