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Femmes du XVIII: compositrices-librettistes BOURASSA ANDRE G

Deux nouveaux membres sont a la recherche d'informations sur leur sujet 
de recherche: femmes du XVIIIe ayant, particulierement en France, 
ecrit un ou des livrets ou compose de la musique d'opera.
Cordialement, Andre G. Bourassa

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Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 13:17:02 -0600
From: R.Adelson@M.CC.UTAH.EDU, Jacqueline.Letzter@m.cc.utah.edu 
My husband ( a musicologist) and I (an 18th century French literature
scholar) are working on a book about women opera composers/librettists
of the late eighteenth century, mostly in France.  At this point we are
particularly interested in the institutional obstacles such women faced
in trying to get their operas performed.

Since the Parisian operas (the Opera and the Comedie-Italienne) had very
similar submission procedures as the Comedie-Francaise, we would be
interested to find out if anyone has any information on what happened
when  women  submitted plays/operas to theaters--for example, copies
of the Registres of the committee of the Comedie-francaise, in which the
minutes are recorded.  In addition, we wonder if anyone is working on
the  subject of women and the theaters in the late eighteenth

We apologize for this hastily written message, but we are leaving for a
research trip in Europe at the end of September, and
would be grateful for any information--also about library
tips in Paris.

Thanks in advance,

Robert Adelson & Jacqueline Letzter
University of Utah
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