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Re: Pieces anglophones KLEINJ

I am currently working on a play which deals with Visions and imagination, though it may not be what you're looking for exactly.  HUSH: AN INTERVIEW WITH
AMERICA by James Still is about a 12-year-old who happens to be blind--a 
inverted metaphor to dramatize how a blind girl has a bigger, more expansive
Vision and imagination than those who can see.  A TV news reporter enters from
her father's TV and starts a sensational story across America that Maggie
sees angels (a lie, but makes for a great story which captures imaginations).
The mass media/public invade her private world/space in Hush, Kansas in an
attempt to make her private identity public.  We're producing this play with
live actors, pre-recorded audio and video, and live simul-cast camcorder.
The play has lots of possibilities to explore sensory perceptions on multiple
levels for characters and audiences alike.
If you're interested, contact me for further info.
Jeanne Klein
University of Kansas