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Rousseau et l'art dramatique a l'ecole BOURASSA ANDRE G

Voici une question en anglais sur la question relative a Rousseau. On peut
resumer comme suit: est-ce que ses objections sur le spectacle theatral
s'etendaient a l'utilisation de l'art dramatique a l'ecole? Les memoires
du temps, notemment ceux de madame de Genlis, permettent-ils de se faire
une opinion sur l'auteur d'_Emile_ a ce sujet?

________la question originale-------
Though I can't answer your questions about Rousseau's specific references
to which theatre productions, etc., I have another question for you:
If Rousseau was against theatre, even for social reasons, did his attitudes
also extend to the use of theatre (l'expression dramatique) in education?
To what extent did he influence those who were using theatre in educating
upper-class students?

The reason I ask is because I'm in the process of reading Madame Stephani
de Genlis' Memoiries (late 18th c.).  She knew Rousseau and talks about
him a bit in her memoires.  I'm still trying to obtain her 4 volumes of
Theatre d'education--her collection of plays written for her daughters
and Duke of Chartres' children to perform when she was their governess.
Winifred Ward (U.S. drama educator 1920-1975) claims that de Genlis was
greatly influenced by Rousseau's philosophies of education--but what about
his attitudes toward theatre?

Please keep me abreast of what you discover in regard to Rousseau.
Jeanne Klein