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Centenaire de Brecht BOURASSA ANDRE G

Le message ci-dessous, a propos de centenaire de Brecht (10 fevrier),
comporte des titres et des adresses web qui peuvent interesser plusieurs
d'entre vous, sans parler de la liste des activites qui se tiendront pour 
lors en Allemagne. Y a-t-il sur Brecht des adresses web en francais? Y
a-t-il des activites de prevues, en francais, a l'occasion du centenaire?
Amities, Andre G. Bourassa.

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From: Jan Prochazka <YProchazka@AOL.COM>

As some of you might have already known: Bertolt Brecht's
100th birthday on10. February.
In Germany, there are new books, CD's, video tapes and
new stamps(!). In Brecht's hometown, Augsburg (Bavaria),
the German president will open the renovated Brechthaus.
In Berlin the Akademie der Kuenste-Brandenburg is
holding an exhibition including Brecht's personal library.
There are also some theatre productions:
Berliner Ensemble has staged _Die Massnahme_ (first
time after WWII) and _Leben des Galilei_. Robert Wilson
is directing _Ozeanflug_ (mixed with texts from Heiner
Mueller's _Landschaft der Argonauten_ & Dostoevsky's
_Notes from the Underground_) scheduled to open on 28
January. There will also be a premiere of _Judith von
Shimoda_  (a fragment from 1941).
Brecht's granddaughter Johanna Schall is directing
_Im Dickicht_ and _EINSgegenEINS_ (with her father
Ekkehard Schall) for the Deutsches Theater.
Another premiere is Renaissance-Theater Berlin's
_Das wirkliche Leben des Jakob_ (from 1936-37).
For a list of Brecht performances, check with
In the US a good way to sample some Brecht products
may be through the Goethe Institut. Some of them will
show a series of films (for example: 1932 Kuhle Wampe,
the 1947 (NY?) production of Galileo, 1931 Berlin
production of Man Equals Man, 1923 silent film _the
Mysteries of a Hairdresser's Shop_,  etc.)
http://www.goethe.de/uk/atl      --in Atlanta
http://www.goethe.de/uk/bos     --in Boston
http://www.goethe.de/uk/hou     --in Houston
programs vary at different locations. For other locations
(e.g. LA, Chicago, Stockholm or Rome), I would recommend to
go through the search function on the homepage

Some other related websites:
*Int'l Brecht Society   a wealth of information
*Int'l Hanns Eisler  Society
 his 100th birthday is on July 6th.
*Brecht's publisher
*A series of radio programs on the Suedwestfunk
* the City of Augsburg
  a bit "touristish," but the map is very interesting.
 * Kurt Weill Foundation       this year is also the
70th anniversary of The Threepenny Opera.

Actually, the centenaries of his collaborators didn't
go unnoticed. Last year there was a production of
_Happy End_ at the Berliner Ensemble in honor of
 Elisabeth Hauptmann. Berlin and Augsburg
both also hosted exhibitions for Caspar Neher, (in
John Willett's words) Brecht's designer.

Anyway, check them out. Thanks.

Jan Prochazka