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Beaumarchais a San Francisco BOURASSA ANDRE G

Voici un appel de communications sur _le Mariage de Figaro_, piece, opera 
ou film. Priere de comuniquer directement avec l'une des personnes dont
l'adresse apparait ci-dessous.
Amities, Andre G. Bourassa.

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From: jlcaplan@amherst.edu
To: sylvie romanowski <secfs@acpub.duke.edu>
Cc: Julie Hayes <jhayes@richmond.edu>

Dear Colleagues.
	I am writing to sollicit more proposals for the 18th-century
French Division's session this December (MLA, San Francisco) on
"Beaumarchais' "Le Mariage de Figaro": the Play, the Opera, the Film."
	We are looking for "readings" of any of the various realizations
of the Marriage of Figaro/Nozze di Figaro material, or of relationships
between these variants.  Is this not wonderful material?  Wouldn't you
like to have an even better reason for going to San Francisco?
	The original call for papers requests 1-2pp. abstracts, to be sent
to me (Jay Caplan, Dept. of French, Amherst C., Amherst, MA 01002) by
March 20.  You can meet the official deadline by e-mail, if you wish. But
please consider making a proposal.
	Thank you!
	Jay Caplan