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Re: Harold Pinter: référence d'une citation connue David Blostein

I'm afraid I can't at the moment put my hand on the original source of "la 
belette sous la cave a liqueurs" but you might be interested in Pinter's 
own later comment, which he made at the University of Hamburg, 4 June, 1970, 
in acceptance of a Shakespeare Prize:  "Once, many years ago, I found myself 
engaged uneasily in a public discussion on the theatre. Someone asked me 
what my work was 'about'. I replied with no thought at all and merely to 
frustrate this line of enquiry, 'The weasel under the cocktail cabinet.' 
That was a great mistake. Over the years, I have seen that remark quoted 
in a number of learned columns. It has now seemingly acquired a profound 
significance, and is seen to be a highly relevant and meaningful 
observation about my own work. But for me the remark meant precisely 
nothing ... 
	"What am I writing about? Not the weasel under the cocktail 
cabinet. I am not concerned with making general statements. I am not 
interested in theatre used simply as a means of self-expression on the 
part of the people engaged in it. ...
	"I can sum up none of my plays. I can describe none of them, 
except to say: That is what they said. That is what they did."
	David Blostein

On Thu, 27 Aug 1998, Jean-Jacques Delfour wrote:

> Bonjour.
> Quelqu'un connait-il la source exacte de cette phrase de Harold Pinter:
> «Dans mes œuvres, l’essentiel, c’est la belette sous la cave à
> liqueurs».
> Je l'ai notee, il y a longtemps; je ne retrouve pas du tout la
> reference.
> Merci de me secourir, ou de me donner une piste.
> Amicalement