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theatre & science fiction Sylvie Romanowski

Chers collegues,
voici la reponse de Arthur Evans, que j'ai contacte et qui est un
specialiste de la science fiction.  Comme sa reponse me semble
particulierement informative, je me permets de la donner a la liste en
Sylvie Romanowski

Yes, science fiction theatre exists, although it is
quite rare.  The problem, of course, is the physical limitation of the stage
and the difficulty of portraying the fantastic, cosmic, and/or
multi-dimensional themes present in much science fiction.  Witness the huge
Broadway flop of the sf musical _Via Gallactica_ (1972), for example.

Perhaps the most famous sf play was Karel Capek's _R.U.R._ (Rossum's
Universal Robots, 1921)--which introduced the word "robot" into the English
language.  George Bernard Shaw's _Back to Methuselah_ (1922) would probably
count as sf, as would Arthur Koestler's _Twilight Bar_ (1946) and Elias
Canetti's _The Numbered_ (1956).

But apart from the many theatrical adaptations of sf works over the past
century--from Verne to Bradbury--I can think of very few recent science
fiction plays which were originally written for the stage.  How about  _The
Rocky Horror Show_?  Does that count?  ;-)

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