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Rome dans le theatre francais et anglais, 1660-1790. Robert G. Dimit

[Appel de communicationsaaur  Rome dans le théâtre français et 
anglais, 1660-1790. Le colloque se tient à l'Université de 
Pennsylvanie, en avril 2000.]

Proposals are sought to complete the following panel for the annual
meeting of ASECS, University of Pennsylvania, April 12-16.  Abstracts are
due by September 15.

The Use of Roman History on the French and English Stage, 1660-1790

Racine, Dryden, Lee, Addison, Voltaire, and other French and English
writers regularly dramatized events from Roman history. More than in
earlier plays, this ancient historical material seems to serve early
modern interests and ideologies. This panel will explore the varied ways
writers on opposite sides of the English Channel looked to ancient Rome
for validation of national aspirations, for ethical models, or for
historical parallels through which to view contemporary issues and events.
Papers treating the ethical and political implications of these plays are
invited; comparative papers are particularly welcome.

Robert G. Dimit
New York University
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