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Est-ce que quelqu'un peut repondre a la question sur Francoise Sullivan ci-dessous?  La question est en anglais.
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From: Allana Lindgren
Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2002 2:41 PM
Subject: Montreal Gazette Review

I am trying to verify the author of a review and wonder if anyone on the list might be able to assist me.
The review in question is titled "Dance Program Proves Success." The writer of the review is commenting on "Les Deux Arts," a concert held at the Le Theatre des Compagnons in Montreal on May 8-9, 1949. This concert was a collaboration between Francoise Sullivan and Alexander Kirby. Handwritten on the clipping I am working with is the following: "Gazette" and "10 May 1949."
The article is signed "H.W." I am trying to confirm if the writer was Herbert Whittaker. Does anyone know exactly when in 1949 Mr. Whittaker left The Montreal Gazette for The Globe and Mail? Would he still have been in Montreal during May of that year? Unfortunately, the library at The Montreal Gazette cannot verify that this review was written by Mr. Whittaker. It seems highly unlikely that there would have been two arts journalists with the initials "H.W." working at the Gazette during this time or that the writer who replaced Mr. Whittaker after he left the Gazette (if he left before May 10, 1949), would have had the same initials. Nevertheless, I would like to be sure that the writer of "Dance Program Proves Success" was indeed Mr. Whittaker.
Please feel free to respond to me off the list-serv.
Thank you.
Allana Lindgren

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