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CFP: Intriguing places: dancing in royal palaces 1600-1800 Laura Naudeix

Title: CFP:  Intriguing places: dancing in royal palaces 1600-1800

10th Annual Dance Symposium: New College, Oxford

Saturday 3 May 2008

Organised by Jennifer Thorp and Michael Burden


 Intriguing places: dancing in royal palaces 1600-1800

Almost every court of every ruler of Europe had its own palaces, even entire networks of them, often lavishly designed and maintained, serving as residences for the ruling family and as centres of government of which the royal court was the focus. Many of these palaces contained spaces for dance and secular music, either in spaces taken over for court entertainment or in specially designed theatres, and they attracted some of the best dancers, musicians, stage designers and costume-makers of their day. Even in exile, royal courts continued to hold entertainments of music and dance, and royal residences were invariably hotbeds of political intrigue. This symposium will be looking at the nature and scope of dance in royal palaces between 1600 and 1800: areas we are keen to address include buildings and dance spaces as venues for court entertainments; the motives and interests of patrons and audiences; the employment and organisation of performers, court officials, craftsmen and tradesmen involved in court entertainments; the place of dance and music within celebrations in the annual court calendar; case studies of specific court entertainments; the role of the court dancing-master and court musicians; the heritage of palace-based culture for us today.

Papers on any of the above areas of research, or on related and associated topics, are invited. Papers should last not more than 30 minutes in duration, and there will also be some scope for practical demonstration to accompany papers, space permitting.

Please send proposals of no more than 300 words, with a working title and your contact details, to Michael Burden (michael.burden@new.ox.ac.uk) by or before 31 January 2008.

If anyone might be in the UK at that time and would like to attend the symposium, please contact the Fellows' Secretary, New College, Oxford OX1 3BN, UK (email maggie.davies@new.ox.ac.uk ).

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