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History of French Theatre: "THEATRE AS VISUAL SPECTACLE" (6th May2011 - OXFORD) Sabine Chaouche

Dear colleagues,
I would like to inform you about the following event (please see below).
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Sabine Chaouche



Org. Dr Sabine Chaouche and Dr Edward Nye.
St Giles’ – Oxford

Dr Edward Nye (Lincoln College, University of Oxford)
Visual strategies for avoiding speech in 18c mime dance

Dr Jed Wentz (Amsterdam Conservatory, Netherlands)
Reconstructing Gesture for Fench Baroque Opera: some pitfalls and points of departure

Hubert Hazebroucq (Les Corps éloquents, Paris)
Formal dances as spectacle of characters
(dance demonstration with Irène Ginger).

Hubert Hazebroucq:
Since 1998, Hubert Hazebroucq has been specialising in historical dance, such as Renaissance and Baroque dances. He works with different companies in Paris, e.g. l'Eclat des Muses (dir. C. Bayle), performs recreated dances and teaches the 'Repertoire'. Since 2008, as director of the company Les Corps Eloquents, he also choreographs historical style based dances. As member of the Research Society ACRAS (1), he is involved in a research programme about German treatises on Dance. Assistant for recreating early baroque style (1600-1635), he also works on evolution of Renaissance Ballroom dancing. His main research interest now lies with technique and poetics and theatrical dancing from 1660 to 1730.

Dr Edward Nye:
He specialises in C18 European Theatre and ballet. He has recently completed a monograph Mime, Music and Drama on the Eighteenth-centrury Stage, which publication by Cambridge University Press is imminent (July 2011). He is currently writing an intellectual biography of Deburau which pays less attention to the myth, and more to the reception of his performances in contemporary writing in order to bring out the aesthetic and general performance principles of his work.

Dr Jed Wentz:
He completed a PhD entitled “The Relationship between Gesture, Affect and Rhythmic Freedom in the Performance of French Tragic Opera from Lully to Rameau” (Univ. of Leyden). He is internationally known as a virtuoso flutist and also as a conductor. He is the founder of the ensemble ‘Musica ad Rhenum’ which was recently heard on BBC Radio 3 (‘The Early Music Show’).

Dance demonstration with Irene Ginger
She specializes in Baroque Dance, and performs with “Ris et Danseries”, “l'Eclat des Muses” (dir. C. Bayle). She also currently works with “l'Eventail” (dir. M.-G. Massé). She teaches at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris. She is also a member of the ACRAS

(1) Association pour un Centre de Recherche sur les Arts du Spectacle des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles.