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CFP ACMRS Conference T. Scott Clapp

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"Material Culture and Cultural Materialisms 
in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance"

CALL FOR PAPERS **DEADLINE October 1, 1998**

The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ACMRS) at Arizona
State University invites session and paper proposals for its fifth annual
interdisciplinary conference on February 18–20, 1999.  ACMRS welcomes
papers that explore any topic related to the study and teaching of the
Middle Ages and Renaissance and especially those that focus on this year's
theme of material culture.  The latter may address, for example, specific
artifacts and artistic commodities or the relationship between people's
material world and the society around them. Jonathan J. G. Alexander
(Institute of Fine Arts, New York University) will deliver the plenary
address entitled, "Adam Delving, Eve Spinning: Images of Work in the Middle
Ages and the Early Renaissance." 

Selected papers related to the conference theme are considered for
publication in the fifth volume of the "Arizona Studies in the Middle Ages
and the Renaissance" series, published by Brepols Publishers (Belgium).
Papers dealing with any facet of the Mediterranean region will be
considered for publication in the journal _Mediterranean Studies_,
sponsored by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, the Medieval and
Renaissance Collegium (MARC) at the University of Michigan, and ACMRS at
Arizona State University.

This year's conference will feature several events in conjunction with the
exhibition "Copper as Canvas: Two Centuries of Masterpiece Paintings on
Copper, 1575–1775" at the Phoenix Art Museum. ACMRS will host the opening
reception of the conference at the Museum, which will include a special
viewing of the show. The exhibition will highlight the brilliantly colored,
highly detailed paintings made on copper sheets by some of this period's
most accomplished artists including Rembrandt, Frans Hals, El Greco, Claude
Lorrain, Murillo, Jan Brueghel I, Guercino, and Guido Reni. Paintings on
copper from Spain's New World Colonies, particularly Mexico and Peru, by
Lius Juárez, Baltasar de Echave Ibia and Mateo Pérez de Alesio will also be
included. The exhibition will feature some of the most spectacular and best
preserved paintings on copper as well as other artifacts related to the
history of copper mining and the techniques and materials used in painting
on copper. Organized by the Phoenix Art Museum, the exhibition will contain
objects on loan from private collections and museums around the world such
as The National Gallery (London), Musée du Louvre, Museo del Prado, the
Kunsthistorisches Museum (Vienna), the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), The Royal
Cabinet of Paintings-Mauritshuis (The Hague), the National Gallery of Art
(Washington), and the J. Paul Getty Museum. In two special sessions at the
conference, several scholars who have collaborated on the exhibition will
present papers on paintings on copper, the technical aspects of their
creation, and the larger context of the copper industry in the sixteenth
through eighteenth centuries. 

The conference registration fee is just $60 ($35 for students) and includes
welcoming and concluding receptions, two days of concurrent sessions, and
keynote address.

By October 1, 1998, send two copies of session proposals or one-page
abstracts, along with two copies of your current c.v. and the audio visual
request form (available on the web site), to Robert E. Bjork, Director,
ACMRS, Arizona State University, Box 872301, Tempe, AZ 85287–2301. Email:
acmrs@asu.edu. Phone: (602) 965–5900.  Fax: (602) 965–1681. Access our web
site http://www.asu.edu/clas/acmrs or contact ACMRS for more information.

T. Scott Clapp, MPA
Program Coordinator
Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Arizona State University
PO Box 872301
Tempe, AZ  85287-2301
Phone: (602) 965-5900; FAX: (602) 965-1681
ACMRS Home Page: http:/www.asu.edu/clas/acmrs