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[MEDIEVALE:1943] R: Re: Léonor d'Orléans Giulio Maffii

    Dear Henri,
    I apologize to approach you in English but it is just to avoid that my
poor French makes my message difficult to be understood.
    In your message of April 13 you mention Marie d'Harcourt as wife of Jean
comte de Martain. I wonder whether you cuold give me same information abaut
another 'Countess d'Harcourt' who at the time of the Peace of Bretigny, was
commanding a band of warriors fighiting against the French to avenge the
murder of her husband by the King of France during the first part of the
'hundred year war'.
    In 1362 she apparently took part to the battle of Brignais (April 6),
near Lyons, against  French troops commanded by  Jacques de Bourbon (who was
mortally wounded).
    I thank you in advance for any answer of yours.
    Giulio Maffii

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>Par les dates que vous indiquez, il est pratiquement impossible qu'il
>s'agisse du petit-fils de Louis I d'Orléans, décédé le 23.11.1407. Je pense
>que c'est un descendant du fils batard de Louis I d'Orléans et de Yolande
>Mariette d'Enghien: Jean, comte de Mortain, Dunois et Longueville, mariée
>avec Marie d'Harcourt et décédé le 24.11.1468.