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[MEDIEVALE:3338] Re: Hildegarde , etc Christopher Crockett

>My purpose  right now is to check any possible connection between those two person(s): the nobleman burried in holy ground by Hildegard von Bingen (1179) and "Henri Prince de France (1083)".

>He was supposed to be the son of Philippe Ier, but as I could find there is not too much information on his life. Here are some starting points, just a rough idea:
> http://www.pacwest.net/bigshoe/Baux/debaux.html

note that the only "Henri de France" on this page is the famous son of Louis VI who began his career as Abbot of the Royal Abbeys (collegials of Meulan, Etampes, Compiegne, etc.), became a monk at Citeaux (Clairvaux?), then Archbishop of Sens, ending up as Archbishop of Reims.

>Could you indicate me some books about the "dark" history of that time?

you might try the old standby: A. Fliche, _Le règne de Philippe Ier_.

in my experience medieval genealogy on the internet is inherently unreliable and, even in cases like this one, where the fellow does seem to have actually existed --(the 1083 date for his birth came from some reliable source, presumably)-- nearly useless.

if he was indeed born in 1083, it would seem that he could hardly have "died early" as your internet sources (following each other) indicate if 
he was buried by Hildegard.

Philip I's father was, of course, named Henry --i've never understood why his eldest son was given the name Louis (much less "Florus"), nor how the name Louis entered the Capetian family _namengut_...

good luck.

best from here,


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