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Call for Papers for the International Medieval Congress, 2002 at Kalamazoo

"Classical Persons in Medieval Texts and Images"

This session is intended to focus on the treatment of specific historical 
figures of the ancient world in the Middle Ages.  The persons may be authors, 
philosophers, political figures, or any others sufficiently well-known in the 
medieval period to have inspired interest.

Possible topics might include (but are not limited to): some aspect of the 
legendary tradition that accrued around Virgil as a magician and seer based on 
his 'messianic' Fourth Eclogue; the biographies found in the accessus to the 
works of Ovid; the stories of Aristotle or Virgil made fools of by women; 
depictions of Boethius writing his Consolatio in his cell; criticism or 
credulity regarding Seneca's spurious correspondence with St. Paul; Socrates as 
a proverbial wise man despite the fact that Plato's dialogues were almost 
entirely unknown in the West; interpretations of any number of famous or 
infamous emperors (Julius Caesar, Augustus, Trajan, Constantine, Julian); 
Petrarch's highly personalized relationship with Cicero; etc.

The panel should provide an opportunity to reflect on concepts of authorship and 
auctoritas; popular vs. learned ideas of the past; the genre of biography; 
vernacularization; the interplay of pagan and Christian traditions; as well as 
the visual manifestations of any of these ideas.

Please send abstracts by September 15 at the absolute latest to: 

Jess Paehlke
Centre for Medieval Studies
University of Toronto
39 Queen's Park Crescent E.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 2C3

jpaehlke@chass.utoronto.ca (electronic submissions are encouraged)


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