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[MEDIEVALE:4145] call for papers Lee Eun-Sung


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Title: Call For Papers

Call For Papers 


The Seventeenth Annual International Meeting of the Conference on Medievalism

(Associated Conference of Studies in Medievalism)

18-19 October 2002 - University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa  

Distinguished plenary speakers:

Verlyn Flieger, U of Maryland-College Park

John Ganim,U of California-Riverside

William Paden,Northwestern U

Bonnie Wheeler, Southern Methodist U  

Proposals for individual papers, entire sessions (three twenty-minute papers), or other forms of address are currently being solicited for the 2002 Conference on Medievalism. Medievalism concerns documenting and exploring all instances of the evocation of what is taken to be medireview. Typical questions of a scholar of medievalism might include "why does a certain pattern of sound in a modern symphony evoke a sense of the medireview" or "how does a film represent the medireview and to what purposes?" From its inception, the medireview has been an historiographical, aesthetic, political concept, and studies in medievalism endeavors self-consciously to understand these and other dimensions of this powerfully defining concept. This year, we are particularly concerned to see how the postmodern -- broadly defined -- conceptualizes the medireview.  

The Conference on Medievalism has proven to be an annual event of collegial exchange among scholars from fields usually kept separate by the structure of American as well as international academia. It has also proven to be fertile ground for both Studies in Medievalism and The Year's Work in Medievalism, two highly interdisciplinary journals devoted to the advancement of studying the ways and purposes people invoke the medireview. The 2002 conference is being hosted at the University of Northern Iowa by Richard Utz and Jesse Swan. Information may be obtained by writing, telephoning, or e mailing the conference hosts at the Department of English Language and Literature, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA, 50614-0502. Richard Utz, 319/273-3879, Jesse Swan, 319/273-2089. Information about the conference can also be obtained from Gwendolyn Morgan, Director of Conferences: Studies in Medievalism, Department of English, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717, 406/994-5190, and on our website: http://www.uni.edu/~utz/medievalism/ 

Please send proposals to the hosts, who will acknowledge all correspondence. Deadline for proposals: 02 August 2002