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VAGANTES: Second Annual Graduate Student Conference on the Middle Ages
University of Toronto, March 20-23, 2003

The graduate medievalists of the University of Toronto, Harvard University,
and Cornell University are pleased to announce the second annual Vagantes
conference, organized by and for graduate students pursuing research on any
medieval topic.  We welcome submissions from all disciplines including
those dealing with topics outside the Latin West.

Please keep in mind that although papers and abstracts should demonstrate
originality and mastery of their specific topic, they should also
demonstrate an understanding of the audience, which will be largely made up
of graduate students who study the Middle Ages from a very wide range of

VAGANTES is an annual, travelling conference for graduate students studying
any aspect of the Middle Ages.  The first highly successful conference took
place at Harvard University; after Toronto, the conference moves to Cornell
University in 2004.  The conference was conceived with several goals in
mind, including the fostering of a sense of community among junior
medievalists, providing exposure to an interdisciplinary forum, and
showcasing the resources of the host institutions -- all within a student
budget.  For ongoing updates see:

250-word abstracts are DUE BY OCTOBER 1, 2002.

Send submissions and an extremely brief CV either by email to:


or send them by regular mail to:

c/o Centre for Medieval Studies
University of Toronto
39 Queen's Park Crescent East
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C3

N.B. All submissions are greatly appreciated. However, due to various
constraints, not all can be accepted. The selection committee will not
begin to review submissions until after the October 1st deadline.

Jess Paehlke
PhD. candidate
Centre for Medieval Studies
University of Toronto


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