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[MEDIEVALE:4199] Re: M'aidez! Philip E. Bennett

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For Steven Muhlberger
I'd be happy to help if I can, as I have an interest in tournaments 
and orders of chivalry.
Philip Bennett

> Please excuse the use of English on this list.  My ability to read
> French far exceeds my ability to write it.
> I am trying to interpret a short heraldic treatise of the fifteenth
> century.  It concerns "la maniere et ordonnance ancienne du tournoy." 
> The phrase "quittier la foy l'ung al aultre" is giving me trouble.  
> It's not the literal meaning that's unclear, but the meaning in context.
> I will explain the problem further to any member of the list who is
> interested in it.
> Steve Muhlberger
> Nipissing University
> North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Philip E Bennett
Reader in French
School of European Languages & Cultures
University of Edinburgh
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