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[MEDIEVALE:4206] [Fwd: Fwd:FW: A request from Willibald Ruch,President of ISHS: "SURVEY OF HUMOR RESEARCH"] Leslie Zarker Morgan

Chers collègues,

Pour ceux d'entre vous qui étudient le rire, voilà un sondage qu'on vous 
demande de remplir. On cerche en particulier des réponses des pays 
non-anglophones, c'est à dire pas seulement aux EU et en Angleterre, 
mais aussi en Europe etc.

Merci à l'avance,

-------- Original Message --------
From: Willibald Ruch [mailto:w.ruch@qub.ac.uk]
Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2002 6:51 AM
Subject: Survery of ISHS members, and people with academic interest in
humour and laughter

Dear ISHS-members, friends and colleagues
Dear humor enthusiasts with an academic interest all over this planet
(to be modest):

for my presidential address at the next humor conference I would like
to give a state of the art of ISHS and of humor research and
application in different countries of our planet.

I have designed a small survey which I am enclosing but which can
also be downloaded here:

I would like to survey ISHS members and other academics and humor
practitioners all over the planet. In some countries we wont have an
ISHS member but maybe members can forward the questionnaire to people
with a serious interest in humor who might be able to inform about
the use and role of humor in that culture. I would like to cover all
continents, and if possible all countries, or at least regions.

I will report about the results at the ISHS conference in Forli but
also offer a document containing the major results downloadable from
the humor research web-site

It would be good to get the survey back latest June 10th. It should
not take you more than 10 mins to complete it. Send it back to me by
email, fax or snail mail.

I appreciate your help.

Yours in good humor

Willibald Ruch
2002 president of ISHS
School of Psychology
Queens University Belfast
Belfast  BT7 1NN
N. Ireland, UK
Tel: +44  (0)28  9027 4174 (office)
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fax: +44  (0)28  90664144
e-mail: w.ruch@qub.ac.uk
Internet: http://www.psych.qub.ac.uk
Summer School 2001: http://www.psych.qub.ac.uk/humour/iss01.html
Summer School 2002: http://www.psych.qub.ac.uk/humour/iss02.html

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Loyola College in Md      fax: 410-617-2859
4501 North Charles St.
Baltimore MD 21210-2699 USA



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