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Chers collegues,

S.V.P. excusez cette annonce en anglais.

If you attend only one graduate conference this year, make it...


The Second Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference
on the Middle Ages at the University of Toronto, March 20th-23rd.
The Chapel, “Old Vic”, Victoria University, University of the Toronto.


VIP Treatment for all those who preregister by February 14th; 
simply send an email with your name and student status to: 
registration@vagantes.org.  The conference is free for all students
and a mere $15 for all others, payable at the conference (but PLEASE
preregister by email whether you are a student or not).

See website for further details: www.vagantes.org

Conference Highlights include...

* 24 papers representing a wide variety of topics and disciplines
(see complete list at the end of this email)

* Tours of unique University of Toronto Resources for Scholars of the
Middle Ages

* 2 Keynote Addresses:
Professor Paul Hyams of Cornell University.
"How Might We Read Trial Scenes in Twelfth-Century Literature?"


Professor David Klausner of the University of Toronto.
"Performing the Middle Ages: What Do We Think We're Doing?"

* Book Room offering titles from various publishers

* Convivitas et Schmoozitas

* Welcome Pub Night

* Final Banquet


The Conference has been made possible by generous contributions from:

Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, University of Toronto
Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
Office of the Vice-President, Government and Institutional Relations, U of T
Emilio Goggio Chair in Italian Studies, University of Toronto
Office of the Vice-President and Provost, University of Toronto
School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto
Medieval Academy of America
Graduate Student Union, University of Toronto
Department of Celtic Studies, University of Toronto
Department of Fine Art, University of Toronto
Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of Toronto
Department of History, University of Toronto
Department of Classics, University of Toronto
Department of English, University of Toronto
Department of French, University of Toronto
Principal of University College, University of Toronto
University of Toronto Humanities Centre
Institute for the History and Philsophy of Science and Technology, U of T


Programme for Vagantes 2003, March 20th-23rd
  All sessions to be held in the Chapel, 2nd floor, "Old Vic" Building,
  Victoria College.  Sessions will begin on the morning of Fri. March 21st.
  Keynote Address #1
  "Performing the Middle Ages: What Do We Think We're Doing?"
         Prof. David Klausner, University of Toronto
  Session 1: Seeing is Believing: Texts and Images
  'A Penny for Your Text:  Economy and Indulgence in an Israhel van
  Meckenem Print'
         Kathellen M. Dunn, University of Pennsylvania
  'Classical Ekphrasis and the Construction of Irish Epic'
         Brent Miles, University of Toronto
  'Lighting the Spark: The Medieval Itty-Bitty Book Light'
         Heather Blatt, University of Virginia and Janice Safran, Cornell
  Session 2: Family Affairs: Households and Relations
  'Holy Incest: Dynastic Error and Christian Metaphor in the Late Medieval
  Hagiographic Romances'
         Margarita Yanson, University of California, Berkeley
  'Norwegian Fathers, Icelandic Sons: Pride and Poetry in Egils saga'
         Anthony J. Adams, University of Toronto
  'Playing House: The Public Performance of Domesticity in the Advent
  Pageants of the York Mystery Plays'
         James Riddle, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  Session 3: Who's Who? Medieval Constructions of Identity
  'Byzantine Imperial Costume: Image Maker of the Emperors'
         Catherine Leahey, Savannah College of Art and Design
  'The Devil's Men Do Penance Too?
         Jennifer Reid, University of Toronto
  'Drengr and ma_r: manly men (and women) in Njáls saga'
         Kim Zarins, Cornell University
  Session 4: We are We: Medieval Constructions of National Identity
  'The French Prose Brut and Chronicle Writing of the Anglo-Norman Regnum'
         Heather Pagan, University of Toronto
  'Saxo Grammaticus: History and the Rise of National Identity in Medieval
         Christopher Bailey, Eastern Illinois University
  'Navigating Borders: Controlling Ambivalence in Gerald of Wales'
  Itinerarium Kambriae'
         Lesley Finn, Columbia University
  Session 5: Textual Orientations
  'El Libro de los huéspedes: An Edition'
         John K. Moore, Jr., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  'Ins e.l cor port, domna, vostra.votz? Incorporation of Trobairitz Lyric
  in Pierpont Morgan 819'
         Jaye Puckett, Johns Hopkins University
  'St. Katherine of Alexandria: The Christian Virgin against 50
         Tina Chronopoulos, Kings College London, University of London
  Session 6: The Presence of Absence
  'Of Weavers, Angels, and the Blind Minstrel of God: Exploring Contexts
  for Musical Performance in the York Corpus Christi Plays'
         John T. Sebastian, Cornell University
  'Henry of Ghent on the Role of Concepts in Cognition'
         Bernd Goehring, Cornell University
  'Partial Recall: The Sutton Hoo Mounds as Objects of Collective Memory'
         Emily Brewer, Wake Forest University
  Session 7: Holy War: Conflicts Political, Intellectual, Spiritual
  'Disturbing the Peace of the Sacred Monastery:  The Battle for
  Twelfth-Century Vézelay'
         John F. Romano, Harvard University
  'Jacob ben Reuben's Sefer Milhamot Hashem: Literary Polemics and the New
         Joshua L. Levy, New York University
  'Anglo-Saxon Crusades?  Æthelstan's Tenth-Century Scottish Campaigns'
         John D. Hosler, University of Delaware
  Keynote Address #2
  "How Might We Read Trial Scenes in Twelfth-Century Literature?"
         Prof. Paul Hyams, Cornell University
  Session 8: Medieval Transformations: Jobs, Habits, Devotions
  'A "Baleful View on the Case of Archdeacons": The Meteoric Rise and Fall
  of the Twelfth-century English Archdiaconate'
         Winston Black, University of Toronto
  'Changes in Lay Devotional Experience and Late Medieval Representations
  of the "Three Living and the Three Dead"'
         Christine Kralik, University of Toronto
  'Adopting New Habits: Ideas of Custom and Customaries in the Letters of
  Peter the Venerable and Bernard of Clairvaux'
         Marc Saurette, University of Toronto


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