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[MEDIEVALE:4682] changemenet d'adresse de "The ORB" TBob) TennesseeBob Peckham

Je fais suivre un message de changement d'adresse de la part de "The 
ORB".  C'est malheureusement dans la langue de Shakespeare est des 
"Dixie Chicks".



The ORB (On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies) has moved.  Since
1995, the ORB has been housed at Rhodes College, under the wise editorship
of Carolyn Schriber.  Upon Carolyn's retirement, Rhodes College decided
that it did not want to keep the pages there.  As a result, the pages are
moving to a new home:
      http://the-orb.net      These pages are housed at the College of
Staten Island, City University of New York.

We are doing lots of cleaning up of the pages, and the internal search
engine will be out of commission for a while as a result, so I ask you
indulgence and patience as we work out the details over the next few

In the meantime, please point your browsers to the new address, and please
feel free to forward this message to any other discussion lists you belong
to whose members might have bookmarked ORB pages.

Kathryn Talarico
Professor of French
College of Staten Island, CUNY


Look it up in the Andy Holt Virtual Library
Robert D. Peckham, PhD
Director, the Globe-Gate Project
Director, the Muriel Tomlinson Language Resource Center
Department of Modern Foreign Languages
Univ. of Tennessee-Martin


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