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Subject: TMR 04.01.27, Announcement: Books Available for Review

TMR Announcement: Books Available for Review (January, 2004)
The following books have been received and are available to 
qualified scholars for review (in most cases a reviewer should 
have received a doctoral degree or the equivalent).  Our 
general policy is that the  review is expected within three 
months of your receiving the book, and must be submitted either 
by e-mail or on disk.          

If you are interested in reviewing one of these books, please 
send the following information to us at TMR-L@wmich.edu:        

        book you wish to review    
        full name 
        e-mail address
        affiliation or degree
        institution mailing address        
        "key-words" describing your scholarly interests      
        a few recent publications (if appropriate)

Note that if you have sent us key-words and publications within 
the past year, you do not need to repeat the information.

We request that you not ask to be considered as a reviewer for 
more than TWO titles. We will respond to you as soon as 
possible regarding a review.
Please be aware that compiling and sorting through requests may 
take several weeks; we appreciate your patience and 
Thank you for your support of the The Medieval Review.

Sincerely yours, 
Robert Berkhofer III, Deborah M. Deliyannis, Rand H. Johnson, 
Michael Kulikowski, and Jana Schulman, editors

Aquinas, Thomas. On Evil. Davies, Bryan, ed., and Richard 
Regan, trans.  (Oxford University Press, 2003).

Bolliger, Daniel. Infiniti Contemplatio: Grundzuge der Scotus- 
und Scotismusrezeption im Werk Huldrych Zwinglis. Series: 
Studies in the History of Christian Thought, vol. 107 (Brill, 

Boruchoff, David A., ed. Isabel la Catolica, Queen of Castile: 
Critical Essays. Series: The New Middle Ages (Palgrave 
Macmillan, 2003).   

Contributors: David A. Boruchoff, Alison Caplan, Maria Isabel 
del Val Valdivieso, Peggy K. Liss, Jose Luis Abellan, Elizabeth 
Teresa Howe, Chiyo Ishikawa, Marcelino V. Amasuno Sarraga, 
Joseph Perez, Miguel Angel Ladero Quesada, Jesus Perez-Magallon

Bray, Alan. The Friend (University of Chicago Press, 2003).

Brockoff, Evamaria, Josef Kirmeier, Bernd Schneidmueller and 
Stefan Weinfurter, eds. Kaiser Heinrich II, 1002-1024. Series: 
Veroeffentlichungen zur Bayerischen Geschichte und Kultur, vol. 
44 (Haus  der Bayerischen Geschichte, 2002).

Brown, Warren C. and Piotr Gorecki, eds. Conflict in Medieval 
Europe: Changing Perspectives on Society and Culture (Ashgate, 

Contributors: Warren C. Brown, Jesse L. Byock, Fredric L. 
Cheyette, Charles Donahue Jr., Piotr Gorecki, Hans Hummer, Paul 
R. Hyams, Henry Ansgar Kelly, Geoffrey Koziol, William North, 
Barbara H. Rosenwein, Emily Zack Tabuteau, Belle Stoddard 
Tuten, Stephen D. White

Cartwright, Jane, ed. Celtic Hagiography and Saints' Cults 
(University of Wales Press, 2003).   

Contributors: Dorothy Ann Bray, Jane Cartwright, T.M. Charles-
Edwards, Thomas Owen Clancy, Mary-Ann Constantine, Penelope 
Dransart, J. Wyn Evans, Elissa R. Henken, Karen Jankulak, Nerys 
Ann Jones, John T. Koch, Joanna Mattingly, Bernard Merdrignac, 
Thomas O'Loughlin, Morfydd E. Owen, Jonathan M. Wooding

Clark, Gregory T. The Spitz Master: a Parisian Book of Hours. 
Series: Getty Museum Studies on Art (Getty Publications, 2003).

Clark, Francis. The 'Gregorian' Dialogues and the Origins of 
Benedictine Monasticism. Series: Studies in the History of 
Christian Thought, vol. 108 (Brill, 2003).

Coss, Peter. The Origins of the English Gentry. Series: Past 
and Present Publications (Cambridge University Press, 2003).

Daniell, Christopher. From Norman Conquest to Magna Carta: 
England 1066-1215 (Routledge, 2003).

Dimnik, Martin. The Dynasty of Chernigov, 1146-1246 (Cambridge 
University Press, 2003).

Dinshaw, Carolyn, and David Wallace, eds. The Cambridge 
Companion to Medieval Women's Writing. Series: Cambridge 
Companions to Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2003).   

Contributors: Chris Africa, Alexandra Barratt, Christopher 
Baswell, Alcuin Blamires, Christopher Cannon, Carolyn Dinshaw, 
Dyan Elliott, Ruth Evans, Barbara A. Hanawalt, David F. Hult, 
Daniel T. Kline, Roberta L. Krueger, Karma Lochrie, Sarah 
McNamer, Nadia Margolis, Sarah Salih, Jennifer Summit, David 
Wallace, Nicholas Watson

Fowler, Elizabeth. Literary Character: The Human Figure in 
Early English Writing (Cornell University Press, 2003).

Frank, Daniel H., and Oliver Leaman, eds. The Cambridge 
Companion to Medieval Jewish Philosophy. Series: Cambridge 
Companions to Philosophy (Cambridge University Press, 2003).  

Contributors: Ari Ackerman, Seymour Feldman, Paul B. Fenton, 
Daniel H. Frank, Steven Harvey, Barry S. Kogan, Joel L. 
Kraemer, Tzvi Langermann, Oliver Leaman, Menachem Lorberbaum, 
Charles H. Manekin, Sarah Pessin, James T. Robinson, T.M. 
Rudavsky, David Shatz, Gregg Stern, Sarah Stroumsa, Hava 

Geary, Patrick J., ed. Readings in Medieval History, 3rd 
edition (Broadview Press, 2003).

Hanby, Michael. Augustine and Modernity. Series: Radical 
Orthodoxy (Routledge, 2003).

Hascher-Burger, Ulrike. Gesungene Innigkeit: Studien zu einer 
Musikhandschrift der Devotio moderna (Utrecht, 
Universiteitsbibliotheek, ms. 16 H 34, olim B 113). Series: 
Studies in the History of Christian Thought, vol. 106 (Brill, 

Hlawitschka, Eduard. Konradiner-Genealogie, unstatthafte 
Verwandtenehen und spatottonisch-fruhsalische 
Thronbesetzungspraxis. Series: MGH Studien und Texte, vol. 32 
(Hahnsche Buchhandlung, 2003).

Horobin, Simon. The Language of the Chaucer Tradition. Series: 
Chaucer Studies, vol. 32 (D.S. Brewer, 2003).

Martin von Troppau. Forsetzungen zur Papst- und Kaiserchronik 
Martins von Troppau aus England. Ikas, Wolfgang-Valentin, ed. 
Series: MGH Scriptores Rerum Germanicarum, Nova Series, vol. 19 
(Hahnsche Buchhandlung, 2003).

Jenkins, Jacqueline, and Katherine J. Lewis, eds. St. Katherine 
of Alexandria. Series: Medieval Women: Texts and Contexts, vol. 
8 (Brepols, 2003).   

Contributors: Anke Bernau, Jane Cartwright, Emily C. 
Francomano, Alison Frazier, Jacqueline Jenkins, Katherine J. 
Lewis, Sherry L. Reames, Tracey R. Sands, Christine Walsh, 
Karen A. Winstead

Jesch, Judith, ed. The Scandinavians from the Vendel Period to 
the Tenth Century: An Ethnographic Perspective. Series: Studies 
in Historic Archaeoethnology, vol. 5 (Boydell, 2002).   

Contributors: Judith Jesch, Bente Magnus, Birgit Arrhenius, 
Elisabeth Vestergaard, Stefan Brink, Lise Bender Jorgensen, 
Lena Holmquist Olausson, Svend Nielsen, David N. Dumville, 
Dennis H. Green, Niels Lund, Giorgio Ausenda

Kelly, Samantha. The New Solomon: Robert of Naples (1309-1343) 
and Fourteenth-Century Kingship. Series: The Medieval 
Mediterranean, vol. 48 (Brill, 2003).

Landes, Richard, Andrew Gow, and David C. Van Meter, eds. The 
Apocalyptic Year 1000: Religious Expectation and Social Change, 
950-1050 (Oxford University Press, 2003).   

Contributors: Richard Landes, Johannes Fried, Guy Lobrichon, 
Daniel Verhelst, Steven R. Cartwright, Richard Newhauser, 
Umberto Eco, Yves Christe, Malcolm Godden, Daniel F. Callahan, 
Regula Meyer Evitt, Susan E. von Daum Tholl, Benjamin Arnold, 
William Prideaux-Collins, David C. Van Meter, Bradley E. 

Leemans, Johan, ed. Corpus Christianorum 1953-2003: Xenium 
Natalicium (Brepols, 2003).

Madigan, Kevin. Olivi and the Interpretation of Matthew in the 
High Middle Ages (University of Notre Dame Press, 2003).

Marks, Richard, and Paul Williamson, eds. Gothic: Art for 
England 1400-1547 (V and A Publications, 2003).

Marti, Susan. Malen, Schreiben und Beten: Die 
spatmittelalterliche Handschriftenproduktion im Doppelkloster 
Engelberg (Zurich InterPublishers, 2002).

McNeill, John, and Daniel Prigent, eds. Anjou: Medieval Art, 
Architecture and Archaeology. Series: The British 
Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, vol. 26 
(Maney Publishing, 2003).   

Contributors: Francois Comte, Daniel Prigent, Annie Renoux, 
Jacques Mallet, Malcolm Thurlby, Maylis Bayle, Lindy Grant, 
John McNeill, Ron Baxter, Alexandra Gajewski, Alexandrina 
Buchanan, Lawrence Hoey, Karine  Boulanger, Christopher Norton, 
Christian Davy, Mary Whitley

Mews, Constant J., Cary J. Nederman, and Rodney M. Thomson, 
eds. Rhetoric and Renewal in the Latin West 1100-1540: Essays 
in Honor of John O. Ward. Series: Disputatio, vol. 2 (Brepols, 

Contributors: Martin Camargo, Rita Copeland, Virginia Cox, 
Karin Margareta Fredborg, Constant J. Mews, Peter von Moos, 
James J. Murphy, Cary J. Nederman, Juanita Feros Ruys, John 
Scott, Nancy S. Struever, Rodney M. Thomson, Michael 

Mitchell, Linda E. Portraits of Medieval Women: Family, 
Marriage, and Politics in England 1225-1350. Series: The New 
Middle Ages (Palgrave Macmillan, 2003).

Nelson, Jan A., ed. La Chanson d'Antioche. Series: The Old 
French Crusade Cycle, vol. 4 (University of Alabama Press, 

O'Connor, Isabel A. A Forgotten Community: The Mudejar Aljama 
of Xativa, 1240-1327. Series: The Medieval Mediterranean, vol. 
44 (Brill, 2003).

Osborn, Eric. Irenaeus of Lyons (Cambridge University Press, 

Peden, A.M., ed. Abbo of Fleury and Ramsey: Commentary on the 
Calculus of Victorius of Aquitaine. Series: Auctores Britannici 
Medii Aevi, vol. 15 (Oxford University Press, 2003).

Peters, Christine. Patterns of Piety: Women, Gender and 
Religion in Late Medieval and Reformation England. Series: 
Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History (Cambridge 
University Press, 2003).

Radulescu, Raluca L. The Gentry Context for Malory's Morte 
Darthur. Series: Arthurian Studies, vol. 55 (D.S. Brewer, 

Rasmussen, Linda, Valerie Spear, and Diane Tillotson, eds. Our 
Medieval Heritage: Essays in Honor of John Tillotson for His 
60th Birthday (Meron Priory Press, 2002).   

Contributors: Robert Barnes, Valerie Spear, Linda Rasmussen, 
Julie Hotchin, Yvonne Parrey, Richard Campbell, Libby Keen, 
Bill Craven, Stephanie Tarbin, Tania Colwell, Ralph Elliott, 
Alexander Grishin, Graham McLennan, Pam Kelloway, Judith 
Pearce, Dianne Tillotson, Greta-Mary Hair, John Gormley

Rosenthal, Joel T. Late Medieval England (1377-1485): A 
Bibliography of Historical Scholarship, 1990-1999 (Medieval 
Institute Publications, 2003).

Shaw, Mary Lewis. The Cambridge Introduction to French Poetry 
(Cambridge University Press, 2003).

Sibly, W.A. and M.D. Sibly, eds. and transs. The Chronicle of 
William of Puylaurens: The Albigensian Crusade and its 
Aftermath (Boydell, 2003).

Snorrason, Oddr. The Saga of Olaf Tryggvason. Andersson, 
Theodore M., trans. Series: Islandica, vol. 52 (Cornell 
University Press, 2003).

Steiner, Emily. Documentary Culture and the Making of Medieval 
English Literature. Series: Cambridge Studies in Medieval 
Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2003).

William of Tyre. A Middle English Chronicle of the First 
Crusade: The Caxton Eracles. Cushing, Dana, ed. Series: Texts 
and Studies in Religion, vols. 88a-b (The Edwin Mellen Press, 


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