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[MEDIEVALE:385] Appel a communications: Le Cite de Dieu de saint Augustin au MoyenAge (Leeds, 2007) Jess Paehlke

les communications en francais seraient bienvenues:

Call for Papers
Augustine's City of God in the Middle Ages

Proposals are sought for 20-minute papers for a session at the  
International Medieval Congress at Leeds, UK (July 9-12, 2007; overall  
conference theme is Medieval Cities) that treat any aspect of the  
subsequent fortune or influence of this authoritative text.   
Presentations might discuss the work’s impact in the Middle Ages on  
areas such as: heavenly and earthly cities, visions of world history,  
conceptions of Rome, apocalypticism, political philosophy,  
commentaries and translations, manuscripts or early editions,  
florilegia and excerpts, illustrations, etc., etc.

Please send abstracts (c. 200-250 words) by Sunday, September 24 via  
email to: jpaehlke@chass.utoronto.ca

Please be sure to include: paper title; language of delivery; your  
affiliation & academic status; mailing address; and audio-visual  
equipment needs.

Jess Paehlke
Centre for Medieval Studies /
Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies
University of Toronto


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