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[MEDIEVALE:141] Dear sir/Madam: colette servais

Dear sir/Madam:
   We are the largest chinese foreign trade wholesaler in China.
As you know the 2008 Olympic Games will hold in Beijing,it s also a great Opportunity for our company!And with this chance,we will do more and great abroad trading.We hope our items will be to please you.And,we are glad to offer you the most reasonable pirces!The more you buy,the more benefits you could get,because the more you order the more discount we will give you, and what we do is just for your favor and make you obtain more benefits.  
   Our Web: <  www.btobw.com  >
   MSN:  <  btobw_ok@hotmail.com  >
   email: <  btobw_ok@hotmail.com  >
   Our mainly products such the phones, PSP, display TV, notebook, video, computers, Mp4,  GPS, xbox 360, digital cameras and so on.
   Welcome to visit and order on our website!

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