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[MEDIEVALE:206] Melanie Hackney

International Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo
13-16 May 2010

Technology, New Media, and Medieval Art History:

A Graduate Student Perspective

The Student Committee of the International Center for Medieval Art is a group that seeks to give a voice to all students in medieval art history.  This year we are sponsoring a session that focuses on new uses of technology to further art historical scholarship.  What are the pressing technological issues that face burgeoning medieval art historians when microfilm, slide production, and slide libraries are fast becoming relics in our own time? What technologies from outside the field are presently being adapted to the use of art historians?  And how are we, as graduate students in the twenty-first century, participating in this latest technological revolution, and incorporating technology into our research, writing, and teaching?  We are seeking presenters that utilize the Internet, digital media, and other software technology in their research and teaching to change the way we approach medieval art and architecture.


As a committee that addresses student concerns, we invite papers that utilize progressive scholarship, and we welcome contributions with interdisciplinary approaches. We especially encourage scholars early in their careers to submit papers on the use of new technologies to study medieval monuments of any period and medium.  E-mail a brief CV and an abstract of no more than 300 words by 15 September 2009 to Lynley Anne Herbert (lynley@udel.edu).

Lynley Anne Herbert


University of Delaware

Dept. of Art History

318 Old College

Newark, DE 19716-2516