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Info sur etudes superieures interdisciplinaires en art BOURASSA ANDRE G

Demande d'information sur les tudes superieures interdisciplinaires en
art, 10 Dec '94, 9h.19, sur le reseau Ars.digit-L.

>I am a fourth year InterArts and Technology (IATech) major at University
of Wisconsin-Madison.  The program is part of the Dance department, with
required coursework in all the major arts (theater, visual, music, dance,
design and dance).  I am in my third year of study in the department,
originally a journalist.

>In a class on Site Specific Theater in Spring 94, I and four other
students performed a scene from Hamlet on IRChat.  The transcript of the
scene was then hung in the annual IATech show, as something close to
sculpture.  I have worked on other pieces that depended on e-mail
communication and response.

>My interests are primarily in performance (theater and dance) and video
art.  I've worked on a couple computer video platforms (Toaster, Premiere
and run of the mill switchers and editors).

>Since I am graduating in May 94 and am interesting in continuing my
studies, I would appreciate any information on graduate programs that
allow inter-disciplinary work.  I have looked at a couple of
schools--Rutgers, Carnegie-Mellon and Rensselear.  If folks at those
three can send me info, I would appreciate it.  It would also be helpful
for me and the rest of the department to get as much info as possible on
other schools and other programs.

>My thanks in advance.
>Hoping to hear from you.

Joseph R Connelly
JCONNELL@STUDENTS.WISC.EDU                       Joseph Connelly