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Theatre italien de la Renaissance BOURASSA ANDRE G

Une question est posee sur le reseau REED-L:

In reading some 16th cent. descriptions of performances in Florence, I
have come across two expressions that I have not been able to understand
or translate into English. Perhaps someone on the list has some
suggestions on the two following expressions?

1. the Grand Dukes attend a performance in an Oratory and the scribe
recalls that the G-D couple, with their children, attended the
performance, which lasted three hours, and "stettero su le seggiole senza
Residenza" -- I'm intrigued by what the "senza Residenza" might be.

2. in a description of the sumptuous costumes worn by the actors in a
play, the scribe says that "among others, an admirable, rich, splendid
and noble costume was the one worn by Giovan Battista del Rosso, who was,
like all the others, "in universale", since the older youths dressed in
long gowns of purple velvet and other colours." -- I wonder what the "in
universale" could be.

Thank you for all and any help.

Konrad Eisenbichler

Si quelqu'un a une reponse a soumettre, la faire parvenir directement a
K. Eisenbichler, qui n'est pas sur notre reseau, avec eventuellement copie a
QUEATRE, ou on pourrait ajouter la traduction francaise des expressions
en question.