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Cherche piece Mein Kampf BOURASSA ANDRE G

Une demande d'aide:

I am trying, with no luck, to find/get a copy of George Tabori's comedy
MEIN KAMPF. The Actor's Gang (of LA) recent production was written u in
AMERICAN THEATRE and elsewhere. I have tried the following methods of
finding either the script of the author's agent (whom I believe is in his
late 70s or early 80s and living in Vienna ??). I've called and written the
Actor's Gang...but they're a small company between productions and haven't
responded. I've tried Sam French and DPC in NYC. I've tried the Dramatists
Guild and the Author's Guild. I've tried an electronic search of all the
libraries in Illinois. But no luck. Any sugestions?

James Pelton                    Jpelton@popmail.jba.com