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Macbeth de Lepage BOURASSA ANDRE G

Une critique du _Macbeth_ de Robert Lepage a Toronto:

From:           Helen Ostovich <ostovich@mcmail.cis.mcmaster.ca>
Date:           Wednesday, 7 Dec 1994 17:27:38 +0001 (EST)
Subject:        Re: SHK 5.0982 *Macbeth* Qs

Robert LePage directed a MACBETH at the University of Toronto a couple of
years ago, using cross-gendered casting, including Macbeth and Lady
Macbeth.  The production was not particularly successful for many
reasons, but the cross-gendered casting was not one of them.  The
aggressive female Macbeth and Macduff etc created a weird world of magic
gone awry, and the male Lady Macbeth and Lady Macduff emphasized almost
involuntarily the subservience and helplessness of the gender they
represented.  In other words, the cross-gender casting made it quite
clear that Macbeth was responsible for his choices, and that his wife may
have enticed him, but only in the way he was already going.  Lady
Macbeth's subsequent madness seemed to be a predictable result of her
lack of control over her husband and herself, once the regicide had been
committed.  I found the cross-gender casting unnerving and consequently
enlightening for this play in particular.

Helen Ostovich
McMaster University

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