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Re: Theatre italien de la Renaissance OUAKNINE SERGE

I suspect the play having a double meaning. The concept of Presence might
be interpretated as the Divine presence. So The place of "senza
Rezidenza" might be understood as the Holy Divine Presence in the
Jerusalem Temple, wher God"presence was supposed to have been really
present, in HIS RESIDENZA. So if you translate the Grand Duke attended a
such Presenze it might refer to a paly weher the meaning of Rezindenza is
associated to the Biblical sens of that term.
I might be totally wrong but this is just a feeling regarding my
knowledge of  certain plays written by" hidden jewish play writer" who used
social and
conventional figures to speak about their deep hidden faith ,. because of
hostility. Tell me what do you think about this hypotesis. Serge Ouaknine
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