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Conference internat. gestion des arts BOURASSA ANDRE G

Puisqu'il y sera question des arts d'interpretation:



To be held at City University, Northampton Square, London EC2Y 8HB
and in the Barbican Centre.

Monday 3, Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 July 1995

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The conference aims to address different sectors in the arts and cultural
field, including

* performing arts * heritage & museums * visual arts * film production &
exhibition * literature & publishing * broadcasting and the audio-visual

It aims to look at management issues from a wide range of disciplines,
with approaches from the fields of marketing, strategic planning, finance,
organisational behaviour, information technology, human resource
development, accounting and finance, and the social sciences.


It is an academic conference, concerned with management in the arts.
Everyone concerned with research and the study of arts & cultural
management issues should attend, and we expect a healthy mixture of people
from universities, cultural departments and organisations which produce
and present artistic activity.


It is intended that there will be three parallel tracks, working to
separate and clearly identified themes.  Papers which are submitted and
accepted will be available in advance.  The intention is that summaries
only should be read at conference sessions, leaving as much time as
possible for effective debate and discussion on themes raised.

Papers will be published and reports of the debate will also be available
afterwards as a unique contribution to further research.


In order to focus debate, we intend so far as possible to create sessions
around particular themes or topics.  These will enable papers in similar
areas to be grouped and should help those submitting papers to focus.
Following from themes raised at the last conference and our recent
invitation for those of most appeal or importance at the present time, we
would be particularly interested in papers on the following themes:

Broad themes:
** strategic management
** marketing the arts
** assessment and accounting
** audience/consumer behaviour
** human resource management in the arts
** the management of cultural democracy and access to the arts
** relationships between the business sector and
the not-for-profit arts/cultural sector
** cultural policy developments and implications

More specifically, themes of interest might include:
* women in the arts
* gender (and other attributes) in arts marketing
* employment patterns in the cultural field
* cultural tourism
* changes in patterns of funding at local,
regional and national level, and the results
* cultural democracy and access to the arts
* young audiences and the arts
* management developments in central and eastern Europe
* management developments in other fast-changing areas
* cultural policies in towns, cities, regions, nations
* the impact of new technologies on organisations, marketing & management
* provision of the arts and culture
* the globalisation of media and cultural identities
* mobility of artists
* human resources management in the arts
* developments in strategic management
* accounting and accountability - the outcomes which stakeholders require
* the markets for art


More information about the Conference can be obtained by emailing