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"Mise en abyme" is a medieval French term of heraldry. It would be
interesting that the medieval list would look for an English equivalent.
Self-reflexivity does refer to the same concept; also
"autorepresentation" and "autoreferentialite" in French. Meta-theatre and
meta-film have something in common with the mise en abyme, but it refers
to something parallel as the mise en abyme refers to an insert.
Meta-theatre is a discourse on discourse, theatre on theatre; mise en
abyme is a discourse in the discourse, theatre in theatre, like the
tempest in a glass in _The Tempest_. The two concepts could sometimes be
close, like in in Pirandello's play where actors play the roles of actors
and discuss within the play about acting.

> On Mon, 9 Jan 1995, BOURASSA ANDRE G wrote:
> > Terme d'armoirie pour designer un blason dans un blason (coat of arms) de
> > facon a souligner les quartiers de noblesse (selon qu'on etait noble
> > d'un, de deux, de trois ou de quatre quartiers, on pouvait le souligner
> > en inserant les blasons ancestraux dans son propre blason. D'ou l'idee
> > d'Andre Gide de designer par "mise en abyme" le recours a une piece dans
> > une piece (play within a play), a un recit dans un recit, a un tableau
> > dans un tableau. Il te faudrait regarder dans un ouvrage d'heraldique.
> >
> > Sorry, it was too difficult for me to say that in English, but it was
> > about a translation from the French!!!
> >
> > Andre Bourassa
> > bourassa.andre_g@uqam.ca
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> Is this concept something like self-reflexivity or meta-theatre/meta-film?
> Meredith McMinn
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