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Theatre et realite virtuelle BOURASSA ANDRE G

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>      In recent months, on this list and others, individuals have
> posted about virtual reality and theatre--fears, applications,
> perceptions, requests for information.  To extend this thread
> somewhat and help focus my thinking at a time when it sorely
> needs focussing, I want to share some plans involving an upcoming
> production.
>      In April, theatre designer-technologist Mark Reaney and I
> will be staging a production of THE ADDING MACHINE.  It promises
> some provocative aspects.  It will integrate an established
> "classic" American script, live actors, and computer-generated
> three-dimensional scenery in a single theatre event.  (The
> "virtual reality" aspects of the production obviously draw the
> greatest attention, but there are interesting implications that
> tease one beyond the immediate considerations of technology.)
> Nevertheless, let me begin there.
>      Reaney will create "virtual worlds" corresponding to
> settings on a computer.  Stereoscopic images of those worlds, as
> appropriate, will be projected on a screen behind the live
> actors.  Audiences, wearing polarized glasses, will confront
> those 3-D computer-generated images--manipulated in real time--
> along with live actors and Elmer Rice's well-known play in an
> otherwise conventional theatre event.  We think there are some
> "firsts" here, but they are less important than the issues we are
> interested in exploring.  Among those issues are: the power of
> virutal reality environments (and occasional characters) in a
> live theatre context, the interpretive possibilities of computer-
> generated scenery, the impact of "cyberized" thinking on the
> temporal and spacial dimensions of "legitimate theatre," -- the
> list goes on.
>      Having the chance to talk about this via the net with people
> who can probe the issues, test our assumptions, challenge my
> thinking, and trip out on the implications of the whole event
> seems like a luxury I can't afford to pass by.  I'd like to
> participate in a thread that explores these and related issues.
> I also promise periodic progress reports if they seem desirable.
>      Is this a topic of interest?