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Condamnes mis a mort sur scene BOURASSA ANDRE G

L'information est mise en doute en ce qui concerne le Moyen-Age:
> Jesse:  For the past two years I've been working with German performance
> records describing security precautions at various kinds of civic
> performances--crowd control, safeguards against fire, riots, pickpockets,
> etc.--and I have not yet encountered anything to suggest that the
> authorities were worried about the danger of putting a condemned man
> on a public stage.  You can read about such practices in Suetonius,
> but I have never heard of any such thing in late medieval Europe.  Sounds
> like a bit of a whopper to me.  One place you might check, however, would
> be the collection of translated records compiled by Peter Meredith
> and John Tailby.  I recall a story (from Spain) about an actor playing
> Christ being stabbed to death by his enemies during a performance.
> They may have other examples of accidental or homicidal fatalities
> on the stage, if not outright executions.  After you track down the
> source of this rumor, please let us know what you find out.
> --steve wright