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Re: Colloque, arts de la representation Timothy C. Murray

Pour la dissemination aux écouteurs américains, s.v.p.

January 6, 1995

Dear Arts Advocates:

As you know, since the November elections the future of our
national cultural agencies, including the National Endowment for
the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the
Institute for Museum Services, is seriously threatened.  These
agencies are facing severe cuts to their current funding or
possible elimination.  Arts advocates across the country must act
NOW if these agencies are to be saved.

The Emergency Committee to Save Culture and the Arts, a
project of the American Arts Alliance, has set up a 1-900 number
(it is already working!) so that arts groups, artists,
volunteers, arts patrons, audience members, contributors, local
businesses, vendors and suppliers can quickly and easily register
their support for continued funding for the arts and culture with
their members of Congress, for a nominal fee.  Time is short. You
are invited to use this number immediately.

When you can call this number, 1-900-370-9000, the following
will happen:

1.)   The caller will be handled by a live operator.  Following a
brief statement that the call costs $1.99 per minute and
that you must be 18 or over, the operator then asks the
caller if he/she would allow the Emergency Committee to send
a mailgram in the caller's name to their two Senators and
one Representative.

2.)   If the caller says yes, the above process takes place and is
billed to the caller's home phone.  The caller leaves
his/her name, address, and zip code which is then matched
with the corresponding congressional district to assure that
the correct elected officials receive the mailgram.

The Alliance has put together a steering committee currently
made up of more than a dozen organizations to participate in
message development and the disbursement of any funds that are
collected over and beyond the costs for set up and maintenance of
the number.  You are invited to join this steering committee.
There is no cost for this participation.

In order for this emergency campaign to be effective, we
need your help to widely distribute the 1-900 number.
Distribution of the number can be accomplished through the use of
flyers, word of mouth, printing it in all local newspapers and
membership organization's newsletters, radio announcements,
posters, and on local computer Bulletin Board Services.  (The
first flyers are now available.  Please call for a copy).
Curtain speeches educating audiences about the crisis and drawing
attention to ways to respond, are extremely effective and we urge
you to undertake these and other activities.  The success of the
emergency campaign depends on this effort.

The future of arts and cultural funding in this country is
being determined by members of Congress NOW.  More than ever, the
voices of arts supporters must be heard.

Thank you for participating in this critical grassroots
effort.  Please call the American Arts Alliance at 202-737-1727
if you would like to join the steering committee or have any