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MLA: colloque de Chicago en 1995 BOURASSA ANDRE G

Pour celles et ceux qui s'interessent au theatre espagnol:
> 1.  Ins and Outs of the Early Modern Theater Cannon:  Whose
> Criteria?
>      A wide variety of topics are possible for this session.
> Some examples might include a discussion of why we tend to teach
> only certain dramatic texts, what plays were most studied or
> taught in earlier eras and why, the works or lives of lesser
> known dramatists (including women), whether we continue to study
> a very limited range of texts that are no necessarily
> representative of the most staged or most read plays in the early
> modern period, and what forces have been most influential in the
> creation of a theater canon at certain times and in certain
> places.  Papers might deal with specific works of could be simply
> theoretical.
> 2.  Performing Gender on the Early Modern Stage
>      This session will deal with any aspect of gender
> identification as a performance act, or even a discussion os
> essentialism in gender determination and a denial of performative
> gender identification.  Other topic might include studies on
> role-playing, gesture, dressing and/or cross-dressing, or even
> philosophic discussions on the question of gender as natural or
> performative.  Studies might focus on specific plays or
> dramatists or might be more purely theoretical.
> 3.  Local to Global:  Staging Power in Golden Age Spanish Theater
>      Many plays of the classical era have focussed on
> local/provincial issues, other have seemed to be more national in
> character, and still others have taken place on the mich wider
> stage of empire beyond Spain's peninsular borders.  What
> questions did such plays raise of what needs were they an attempt
> to answer?  Were particular characters, themes, places, or
> writers involved n creating a particular type of theater?  What
> were the socio-political or even economic repercussions of such
> cultural developments?
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