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Conference sur Ben Jonson (fwd) BOURASSA ANDRE G

Annonce d'une conference internationale sur Ben Jonson:

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**********  BEN JONSON: TEXT, HISTORY, PERFORMANCE  *************

An international conference on Ben Jonson will be held at The
School of English, University of Leeds on July 5th through the
7th, 1995.

This conference will focus on changing critical perceptions of
Jonson, both in relation to his own times, and to his afterlife
in the theatre and on the page. A central purpose of the
conference will be the discussion of proposals for a new complete
edition of Jonson. We shall be seeking to define the needs that
such an edition should fulfil for scholars, teachers and readers
in the next century.

Speakers will include David Bevington, Martin Butler, Michael
Cordner, D.H. Craig, Ian Donaldson, Joseph Loewenstein, Stephen
Orgel and Lois Potter.

Conference fee: 97 (English pounds) residential; 34 (English
pounds) non-residential.

For further details, contact:

Dr. Martin Butler
School of English
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT

TEL UK (0113) 233-4766 or 233-4739
FAX UK (0113) 233-4774
E-mail  engmhb@leeds.ac.uk

** This announcement posted on behalf of Dr. Martin Butler by the
editors of The Ben Jonson Journal.