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Prononciation de Hildegard (fwd) BOURASSA ANDRE G

Question posee aux specialistes du theatre anglophone.  Repondre a la
personne directement; une copie a QUEATRE serait interessante:

A student involved in a group preparing to perform Hildegard of Bingen's
*Ordo virtutum* has asked me about pronounciation.  She particularly wants
to know about the following:
qui:  would it sound like "qwi" or "qvi"?
"c" and "g" followed by "e" or "i"
"sc" followed by "e" or "I"
"v" in words like "volo"
"gn" in words like "magna"
ti: is it a hard "t" or something else?

This is heady stuff for a man who spends his days on apocalyptic thought.
Can anyone help by either a) providing help on the specific problems listed
or b) suggesting the best place to look for such information?

While I'm at it, I note that there's an edition with translation of the
*Ordo virtutum*, but I cannot get my hands on it at the moment.  Is there
anything in it that would help?  Barbara Newman's edition of the *Symphonia*
doesn't deal with this sort of thing.

David Burr (OLIVI@vtvm1  should you wish to reply directly)