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Les 100 meilleurs livres de theatre (fwd) BOURASSA ANDRE G

Si chacun(e) suggerait les 5 meilleurs livres a ses yeux, toutes langues
confondues, ce serait deja une contribution au repertoire de base de ce
nouveau departement. Repondre directement a Joseph Donohue, avec copie a
QUEATRE: ce serait un bon test. On demande de diviser les livres en 2
categories: ouvrages generaux et monographies particulieres. Le demandeur
s'engage a faire connaitre le resultat si requis.

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Subj:   The Hundred Best

A German colleague building a departmental library has asked me to put
together a list of the hundred best, most useful book-length works on
theater and drama.  I'm writing to enlist the help of all who might
care to collaborate on such a list.

Please send me one or more citations of works that fall into one or the
other of the following two categories: (1) good general works; (2) good
works on spercific subjects, periods, or persons that also have a broader
applicability (or are so good that they stand as models of their kind).

My email address:  joseph.donohue@english.umass.edu  .

And if you would like to have a copy of the full list compiled from all
these suggestions, let me know that as well, and I'll figure out how to
get it to you.  Include a snail mail address, just in case.

Joe Donohue